10 Sustainability hacks for your workplace environment

10 Sustainability hacks for your workplace environment

I’d say the world has come a long way to promote living more sustainably and environmentally conscious… but it takes a village to promote true change that will actually make a difference. 

There are so many options out there to reduce your carbon footprint, wastage, and single plastic use. But are you actually using these options? 

At eSuite we are focused on improving our environmental footprint and look to create sustainable change for our planet. We acknowledge that operating a business in Australia comes at the expense of our environmental footprint and with the ease of generational privilege. As such, we pledge 10% of our revenue to our Community Partners who are making a difference in our communities and our environment.

Here are some of eSuite’s hacks to be more sustainable & environmentally conscious in the workplace & at home:

  1. Buzzing for that next coffee hit? Ditch the takeaway cups and invest in a reusable one that lasts a lifetime! We love using Frank Green as our reusable coffee cups… you may have seen these in your candidate gifts recently!
  1. Save the trees! Go paperless or recycled. If you want to take the digital approach, a simple & free way is to utilise Google Drive and note take in Google Docs and keep them filed nicely. Unless you’re a renowned, old-fash hand writer, we love Notely to jot down our ideas. They are sustainably printed on recycled coffee cups!
  1. Get an office plant! They not only look ah-mazing, but they help to absorb noise and purify the air! Some studies have shown that incorporating plants into the workplace can also have a positive effect on productivity.
  1. Support your local greenies. Research vendors that look to positively impact the environment! Whether this be finding sustainable & eco-friendly printing or delivery services, gifts or household items. Use search terms like ‘sustainable’, ‘carbon off-set’ or ‘environmentally friendly’ to help narrow your search. Or search through B Corp Certified businesses. We love using Sustainable Printing Co for all of our printing needs, Packleo or Hero Packaging for recyclable packaging or compatible mailers and Sendle for deliveries! Not only are you helping the planet, but you’re also supporting great businesses who truly want to create change. 
  1. Say hello to your neighbours by utilising sustainable transportation to and from work! We recommend ride-sharing features like UberPool to share trips, public transport, walking, or riding! 
  1. Volunteer in community initiatives or charities. Bring the team or use one of your volunteer days to help community initiatives or environmental groups make a difference. Create a team-building event to bring the team together to support and help a cause. We highly recommend Thread Together for a day in their fulfilment centre or one of their pop up wardrobes or building solar lights for  SolarBuddy for your next team event. 
  1. Offer remote work options! Let’s face it, with the digital online world evolving there isn’t as much need to be in an office full-time. Working from home allows employees to significantly reduce their time commuting between home and office, which in turn reduces the CO2 (carbon dioxide) being emitted into the air. 
  1. Switch to greener options in your everyday household items. Ditch the plastic wrapped loo paper, hand soaps and cleaning products that all include single use & necessary plastic packaging to more sustainable options like Who Gives A Crap toilet rolls, refillable hand soaps and reduce excessive cleaning products to a simple, yet effective product like Koh. Plus they look a hell of a lot nicer than the clutter of hundreds of bottles!
  1. Be thrifty. Offices don’t need to be decked out with brand new desks, chairs, or styling items! Go thrifting for some incredible secondhand finds to deck out and add personality to your office! If you’re creative, look out for DIY’s or upcycle unique pieces to make your own.  
  1. Create energy-efficient upgrades. Make small conscious changes to shrink your carbon footprints. Ensure you switch to a more sustainable plan with your energy provider, switch light bulbs to LED, make use of natural sunlight and unplug your appliances when they are not in use. So many small tasks can help to not only reduce your power bill, but will help to create a more sustainable future. 

I hope that these small hacks for your everyday work and life can help promote you to make better and more conscious efforts in creating a sustainable and eco-friendly space and mindset. Remember, the smallest shift in your journey to becoming more environmentally friendly does make a difference. Don’t give up on yourself or the planet! 

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