3 Things We Learned On The Road With Thread Together

3 Things We Learned On The Road With Thread Together

If you have been an OG of the eSuite journey since 2020, you will know that for us, it’s all about the people and our communities. Two things that we are extremely passionate about. 

Last week, the Brissy team experienced a day on the road with Thread Together in their Mobile Wardrobe. Thread Together, a nation-wide organisation that is not only an ethical solution to managing the issue of surplus end of line stock, also restores dignity in around 3.2 million vulnerable people in Australia by giving them access to new clothing. 

Thread Together partner up with some pretty incredible fashion brands like Incu, Bonds, Politix and Showpo just to name a few – who all donate their brand new threads that would have otherwise overwhelmed landfill, to people in need. 

Here’s what we learned when we went on the road with Thread Together for the day. 

  1. The environmental impact.

First and foremost, we learnt about the impact that Thread Together plays on the environment. Who would have thought that brand new clothing would end up in landfill? 🌏

Sustainability is a key factor of their operations. With 30% of fashion being disposed of or incinerated, they divert thousands of tonnes of new clothing and accessories to those in need. 

  1. The people.

To see how Thread Together helps out people in our communities – the people going through all sorts of things, is truly amazing. 👥

We got many stories from all walks of life. A story that resonated with us the most was from a uni student. She shared that she had come in search of clothing for a job interview she landed. Then she was back a month later looking for clothing to start her new role! What an achievement! 🥳 

  1. The restoration of dignity.

Clothing is a basic human right. Having the opportunity to help provide access to those doing it tough in our communities is a truly sensational feeling. 💚

If volunteering or donating is your thing. Be sure to check out Thread Together, and all of the amazing work they are doing for our community and environment. Read more here. 

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