Advice from a rookie recruiter on how to land your dream eCommerce role

Advice from a rookie recruiter on how to land your dream eCommerce role

So I’ve been living my best recruitment life for a few months now, two months to be exact. And it’s safe to say that until now I had no idea what it was like to be on the other end of recruitment. Sure, I’d interviewed with and been placed by recruiters before, but I’ve definitely picked up a thing or two on how to land your dream gig being on the other side.

Here are some things I’ve learned so far:

1. Remember that someone is actually reading your resume

How often do people try and tell you that ‘you need to write your resume for a computer to screen’ or ‘what’s the point in applying, nobody is reading it anyway’? I promise you, that if you’re applying for a role with eSuite, someone is reading your resume. Hey, I even read your cover letter! Try to tailor your resume and cover letter to the role you’re applying for, it’ll make it clear to us that we need to give you a call ASAP.

2. It’s better to tell the recruiter too much about your experience than not enough

I can’t tell you the number of times that I finish up an interview and I still have no idea what your experience is and if you’d be great for the role. And don’t get me wrong, I’m doing my best to pull the information out of you! It’s best to assume I have no idea what someone in your role or industry does or should know how to do, so tell me everything so I don’t rule you out for a role you could be perfect for.

3. Recruiters are actually there to help you

It’s not just about placing you in a role! At eSuite, we genuinely care about where you end up and aligning you with the right role. We’re just as concerned about finding someone great for the client as we are about finding great roles for the candidate. The role we’re chatting about not exactly what you want? No sweat, we can help you find something better aligned. You’ve just got to let us know.

4. Tell us about your achievements

It’s one thing to say you know how to do something, better to tell us how you’ve done it. It might feel weird, but keep a running list of your career accomplishments, including specifics like the dollar or percentage increases and how you achieved the results. Have the list with you for the interview, I will 100% be asking.

5. Definitely read the job ad before you apply..

Seems obvious, right? Wrong! Most of our job ads include the name of the company we’re hiring for, plus a few details, but the number of candidates I call who ask me who the client is is way higher than I expected. I probably won’t penalise you for it, but it’ll come across better if you don’t have to ask.

6. There’s no need to play games when it comes to salary

At least when you’re dealing with a recruitment agency… I can guarantee it is my objective to get you the salary you deserve. I know there are videos all over TikTok these days on ‘how to answer when you’re asked your salary expectations’. But I can promise you that I have no interest in low-balling you. Think about what salary you’d need to consider moving on, check out industry standards for the role you’ve applied for (we’ve got a great one btw) and have a range in mind. If you go through the interview process and realise you’d probably need more for the role, just let us know.

7. You don’t have to wait for a new role to be posted to get in contact with us

I wish I knew this sooner, I probably would have started with eSuite months earlier if I had. There’s no harm in reaching out to us even if we don’t have a role for you advertised right now. Often we have a few roles lined up that aren’t posted yet, or at the very least if we know you’re in the market we can let you know as soon as something becomes available. 

If you’ve made it this far, I can only assume you’re ready to land your dream role. So to that I ask, when are you going to take me up on tip number 7?

This wasn’t meant to be a sales pitch, but I have a background in marketing and couldn’t help myself! Send me an email at or register your interest here.

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Amy McCarthy
Amy is an eCommerce Talent Specialist at eSuite. Having spent years working across eCommerce & digital marketing for brands like Knobby, Beginning Boutique and Jenny Craig. She brings a unique and 'lived' perspective when it comes to sourcing great eCommerce talent.
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