Community Partners

Community Partners

At eSuite, we acknowledge that operating a business in Australia comes at the expense of our environmental footprint and with the ease of generational privilege. As such, we pledge 10% of our revenue to our Community Partners who are making a difference in our communities and our environment.

Our Community Partners

SolarBuddy: Imagine living in complete darkness and having to use only charcoal and firewood to provide light… Well, 789 million people around the world have to live in total darkness every evening. This means that children are unable to study or complete homework, creates safety issues within communities, and leads to the use of primitive forms of energy due to the lack of access. SolarBuddy is illuminating lives, one solar light at a time. A renewable energy-powered light that became a solution to the communities most at risk, globally. 💡

The eSuite team has assembled 50 lights that will go to children suffering from energy poverty. Our contribution will impact 250 lives,

Read more about SolarBuddy here:

Rainforest Rescue: Rainforest Rescue’s vision is to protect rainforests. Forever. From rescuing vulnerable rainforests to buying threatened properties. Their mission is to restore damage, conserve biodiversity and cultural heritage, and learn, educate and raise awareness throughout Australia. Through charitable funding, Rainforest Rescue’s projects re-establish rainforests through planting, maintenance, and restoration programs. They also use these donations to purchase and protect high conservation value rainforests to preserve its biodiversity. Pretty cool huh? 🌴

Read more about Rainforest Rescue here:

Our Impact: As a Percentage Protector at Rainforest Rescue, we have so far contributed to 37 properties being rescued from forever destruction and the planting of over 320,000 trees!

Thread Together: Thread Together partner up with some pretty incredible fashion brands like Incu, Bonds, Politix and Showpo just to name a few – who all donate their brand new threads that would have otherwise overwhelmed landfill, to people in need. Read more here. ♻️👚

Our time and contributions to Thread Together has so far impacted 2,300 people in our community doing it tough to receive brand new clothing, restore dignity and prevent clothing from hitting landfill.

1% For The Planet: 1% For The Planet is an innovative and accessible way to support the environment through collaboration. They help to direct millions of dollars to environmental not-for-profits, globally. 1% For The Planet is a network of organisations, individuals, donors and not-for-profits that work together and unite for a common goal: protecting the future of our planet. 🌏

Read more about 1% For The Planet here:

Ecologi: Ecologi invests into a broad range of projects that are reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 85% of all donations go directly into funding these planet saving projects. Ecologi also supports a range of tree planting partners who are able to responsibly plant millions of trees a month on their community’s behalf, globally. 🌳🌱

Read more about Ecologi here:

To see our real-time impact, visit our Ecologi page:

The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence supports the re-empowerment of Indigenous Australians. NCIE is a not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to build capability and create opportunities with and for First Nations people across Australia. This is accomplished through health and wellbeing, training and employment, community programs and events. Our contributions to NCIE is a direct investment into positive futures for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 👥

Read more about NCIE here:

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