Creating a LinkedIn presence without being a w@^&#%

Creating a LinkedIn presence without being a w@^&#%

You don’t have to be an extrovert to brag your smarts. Whether you’ve been working in ecommerce for a while now, or you’re just getting started, LinkedIn is one of the best tools to get noticed by potential employers. As recruiters we spend hours searching through profiles for the best candidates. 

Here’s our tips to set up your LinkedIn profile for a successful eCommerce career:

  1. Get the basics right

Perhaps a no-brainer, but still extremely important! Start by filling out all of the key details on your profile such as your name, headline, career & education history. You’ll likely have a few old resumes laying around to help you remember your dates of employment.

Don’t forget to add your profile pic! We know it can feel cringe adding an image of yourself to your professional network… but it’s nice to put a face to the name.  

  1. Create your profile for the career you want

The best advice we have for someone looking for a new gig, is to think about what you’d like your next career move to be. Then you can tailor your profile to that. Getting noticed on LinkedIn by potential employers is all about being findable and getting noticed. 

Including keywords specific to the role you’d like will give you more chance of being found for the right jobs. And when we say use keywords, we mean use them everywhere… 

Say you’re a digital marketing and eCommerce all-rounder, but you want your next role to be specifically in eCommerce. Include ‘eCommerce’ in your headline, role titles (when applicable), about you and role descriptions. There’s no rule to say that your role title on LinkedIn must be exactly what it says on your contract, in fact we find a lot of role titles can be pretty generic and not inclusive of everything it is you do. 

  1. Get Specific [the nitty gritty]

Skills, role remits and responsibilities vary. An eCommerce Manager at one business may do something completely different to an eCommerce Manager at another. 

When writing your role description, add a few dot points with specific details on your responsibilities. Do you manage a team? What channels do you look after? What’s your day-to-day look like? Does reporting and analysis fall under you? What key projects have you currently or previously managed before?

We also love to see a LinkedIn profile with details on what platforms and software you’ve used before. 

  1. Include a bit of personality

Don’t be afraid to add a bit of you to your profile. Culture fit is important for companies, just as much as it is for candidates. We always take time to read a potential candidates ‘about’ section to try and get a sense of who they are as a person. Even if it’s a quick one-liner!

  1. Let yourself be visible

Because you can’t be found without a public profile, right? 

Head to ‘Settings’ and edit your visibility. Make sure your profile is set to ‘public’ and toggle the specific profile sections between ‘show’ and hide’. Perhaps you don’t want to show everything, but we recommend showing your; headline, summary, current & past experience if you want to get noticed.

Visibility. It’s all about how you will get your name out there. The best way to be visible and enhance your profile is to comment on your connection’s successes and posts, express your opinions on articles [no w@^&#% vibes required] and share content you love!

  1. Share your passions with the world [a.k.a LinkedIn]

Build your personal brand and share things you’re passionate about on your profile. Whether it’s sharing an article you’ve stumbled across, posting about the success of a project you’ve worked on previously, or pics from an industry event you attended. UPLOAD! 

Be sure to tag your relevant connections in your posts to boost that engagement (and to flutter your awesome network that you’ve created! 

Once you’re done jazzing up your LI profile – be sure to connect with us here

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Amy McCarthy
Amy is an eCommerce Talent Specialist at eSuite. Having spent years working across eCommerce & digital marketing for brands like Knobby, Beginning Boutique and Jenny Craig. She brings a unique and 'lived' perspective when it comes to sourcing great eCommerce talent.
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