Gentle reminders for a healthy career and mindset

Gentle reminders for a healthy career and mindset

What is a healthy career? Is it cultivating a career that is sustainable and supports your overall well-being? Or infusing some ‘zen’ into your lifestyle?

External factors such as your health, mindset and general well-being can all contribute to your career and success. It’s only human nature. But how can we overcome these roadblocks when they start to get in the way? 

Here are some gentle reminders to help adjust your mindset for a healthier career:

  • Be ‘con-fumble’… I may or may not have made this term up. Don’t judge the skills. But in actual fact, I was confident enough to put this crazy term out there to the world. Yet humble enough to recognise it’s not my finest work. Being confident, yet humble is important in your career. Having the confidence to share your ideas, thoughts & expertise with others, but also recognise that there are others in the room who have opinions and thoughts as well, welcome these. 
  • Learn continuously. Knowledge is power. Continuously educating yourself and upskilling is important in any career. Technology & trends are forever changing, so keeping up with the latest knowledge is crucial to success. Don’t forget the 70/20/10 rule… 70% learning from experience, 20% learn from others, 10% formal learning. Check out how to use this rule in your eCommerce career here
  • Health is wealth. Physical and mental health is so important. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Have a work-life balance plan, do things that you love and make you happy in your spare time, workout or eat healthy – you do you! A healthy mind and a healthy body will reflect towards a healthy career. 
  • It’s ok to fail. It’s all part of the process. It can be hard in the moment to embrace failure. But overcoming it and learning from it, creates resilience like no other. 
  • Don’t stop believin. Trust your gut, believe in yourself and never give up. Use your intuition. That gut feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you something is “off”. Listen to it and adjust! Pivot away from roadblocks and towards better opportunities. 

We can all get overwhelmed in our career at some point in our lives. It’s totally fine. The best thing we can do is acknowledge the things we need to work on and change our mindset to constantly improve. 

Embrace the change and adopt a little zen in your life. 

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