How to ask for the eCommerce salary you are worth.

How to ask for the eCommerce salary you are worth.

Can we talk about salary? Actually, let’s talk about asking for the salary you are worth.

Salaries in eCommerce have taken a jump. We find many people have worked bloody hard (ahem… 2020) and are taking the chance to ask for a salary that reflects this.

But I’ve recruited for long enough to know there are still a few people who feel uncertain of their worth, or worse, extremely uncomfortable asking for what they’re worth.

Sometimes building comfort around money (and subsequently, the money question at an interview) takes muscle.

We hear sentences like “I’m on xyz… but I can compromise”, …offering to negotiate in advance of being asked to be flexible on $$.

If this is you (or someone you adore), here’s what I’d say to you at the interview:

You have earned the right to hold your value. 

Say your price.

Then stop talking.

The silence is not as long as you think it is.

There is always a time for negotiation. But it’s not upfront, and it’s not until asked…

Hold your worth, you’ve effing earned it.


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Emily Haydon
Emily is a career recruiter, networking enthusiast and tea drinker. She has lead large global recruitment teams as well as operated independent agencies. An advocate for aligning careers with purpose, conscious living, and the role of business as a vehicle for social change.
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