How to manage multiple job offers

How to manage multiple job offers

It’s a job seekers market. Especially in eCommerce. You can probably tell that from the number of internal training programs, LinkedIn Inmails and random desk chocolates you are receiving. Good on you. 

And it is perfect if you are ready to look for your next job opportunity. 

But what if you start, and you don’t get just one opportunity? 

What if you have two potential new gigs in front of you. Or three? Or even four? 

Trust me, it’s not uncommon at the moment. We come up against this. A LOT. And all power to you. 

Here are some insider tips on how to manage the multiple job offer scenario so that you get the best result and you don’t burn your bridges along the way. 


Know what you want. Once you enter the market, you’re going to be bombarded with options. Bonuses. Flexible work. International opportunities. Charity days. Kombucha fridges. Make a list of what is important to you – 3 to 4 dot points – and chase that. Don’t get blindsided by the shiny job ad lights. That’s how you end up running eCommerce in a dodgy Vegas nightclub. 

Know your worth. Before entering conversations, have a range in mind of the salary you think is fair for the value you bring. If you don’t have this, an ideal job with a fair salary might quickly lose it’s sheen compared to a dodgy (but doable) job with much higher money. Check with peers, look at other ads or use our eCommerce salary guide to get to your ballpark. 

Be honest and upfront. Sorry, no I’m not your Mum. But we see candidates get into a real tizz when they concoct salaries, conversations and conditions to try and use one offer to drive another offer. Focus more on building your story and the value you will bring to an organisation. This opens you up to having honest conversations based on your own worth – and you won’t waste your energy trying to keep up with an irrelevant tangle of nonsense.

Meet the team. If you have a couple of opportunities on the table that take your fancy, go and talk to the team. It’s the best way to differentiate them and know what’s right for you. Don’t rely on reputation, pro and con lists or tarot cards. We meet alot of candidates who get to this stage and don’t want to “waste anyone’s time”. If you are genuinely interested, a face to face is usually the quickest way through for all parties. 


Feel locked in. With a few opportunities, or offers even, in front of you it might feel like you need to keep them all in play and make one big decision. You don’t. An offer is just that – you can take it or leave it at any time. In fact, you don’t even need to make any decision if you’re not comfortable. This process can become really stressful if you feel like you “owe” someone a decision. Do what’s right for you. 

Enter a standoff. I know it’s kind of fun to have multiple employers wooing you. It reminds me of the dating life I never had. However, treat them on their own merits and don’t play them off against each other. It’s not a great start to a relationship when you are comparing your new potential partner with buff BMW driving Bobby. Like I said, not my personal experience. 

Ghost. Not to push the dating metaphor because it’s getting a bit weird, when you lose the excitement or make a decision that the opportunity is not for you, don’t ghost everyone who got you to this point. Be honest and direct with the recruiter, employer or referrer who helped you look at the opportunity. They will appreciate a definitive update so they can move the process forward. And you never know when your paths will cross again… unless you’re a ghost of course – then they’ll never know, you’ll just float by.

Look, it’s not rocket surgery. When you have multiple job offers in front of you, it’s the same rules as when you enter a busy coffee line.  Know what you want and treat people fairly. 

Enjoy the job search and see it as an opportunity – not a burden – to have so many exciting options in front of you!

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Nathan Bush
Nathan is a director at eSuite. He is an eCommerce strategist who has operated in the retail trenches as well as being a consultant and agency partner. Nathan has been named Top 50 People in eCommerce four years in a row and hosts the Add To Cart podcast.
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