How to nail the dreaded video interview

How to nail the dreaded video interview

Alright, video interviews. We don’t love them. We know you don’t love them. But it looks like we’re stuck with them. 

Based on the 45,296* video interviews that we have done over the last 18 months, here are our top tips for nailing the video interview:

1. Get the tech sorted. Who would have thought that 18 months into a pandemic, “you’re on mute” would still be this common? Ugh. Even regular podcast hosts fall foul here occasionally. Make sure your internet connection is strong. You have access to the meeting link and software. Your mic works and is enabled in system preferences. Do a quick practice run. Your confused Zoom face is not a great first impression. 

2. Pump it up. Don’t you know, pump it up. Yep, it’s probably your fifth Zoom of the day. But what’s worse than a Zoom conversation? A Zoom interview with someone who looks like they don’t want to be there. Let’s dial up the energy. A smile, a few questions, a bit of banter. We want to break down this video barrier and see the real you. It will tide us over until we connect again with wine. 

3. Cheat. Look on the bright side of video interviews – there’s no limit to the resources and materials you can have on hand to prompt you. Have all your case studies ready. Have your stats ready to roll. Have the retailer’s website open. If you want to take it to the next level, have some tabs open ready to show how fricken good you are. 

What don’t we care about? 

We really aren’t bothered about what background you have. Yep, we have piles of washing in our house too. In fact, one of our best interviews was with someone whose kids kept coming in and out of the room. Not only did it keep it relaxed, it helped us get to know our candidate really well. At the same time, if you want to pretend you are on a beach in Honolulu, go for it. The virtual background world is your oyster. 

* May be an exaggeration. But the feeling is REAL. 

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Nathan Bush
Nathan is a director at eSuite. He is an eCommerce strategist who has operated in the retail trenches as well as being a consultant and agency partner. Nathan has been named Top 50 People in eCommerce four years in a row and hosts the Add To Cart podcast.
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