How to negotiate the eCommerce salary you deserve

How to negotiate the eCommerce salary you deserve

We all know that feeling. That awkward feeling when “so… what’s your salary expectation?” gets asked in an interview. It’s almost as fun as “what’s your worst trait” or “how many ping pong balls can fit into a Mini”? But it doesn’t have to be awkward. It can actually be really empowering if you approach it logically and confidently. Here’s how. 

Step One: Do the research.

There’s no doubt you’ll be asked at some point what your salary expectations are. It pays to be prepared. Literally. Doing the research prior to beginning your job hunting can help you to understand what employers are paying for similar roles in the market. 

Are you an eCom Manager? Check out our 2021 version of our eCommerce Manager’s Salary Guide here. Add 10-20% on for 2022 inflation. 

If you feel as though you have ventured to all avenues of the internet to find your value and have come up short. Ask a recruiter – we’ll give you the honest answer.

Step Two: The proof. 

Evaluate your accomplishments, tasks and projects. Take a good look at your current role and everything it entails. List these down.

Now look at your job description from when you started in your last role. This can help determine if you are doing more or less of what was originally asked of you. Using your salary research from earlier, you can start to decide the numbers. Consider these questions when determining your salary:

  • How much are you earning now? How long have you been in this role for?
  • How much are people making in this role now?
  • Are you doing more, less or equal work in your job description now?
  • Has your salary increased with your workload over time?

When deciding your numbers be sure to include your ideal salary which is the salary you would like to retain and your deal-breaker number, the absolute minimum salary you would accept.  

Step Three: State your worth.

“What’s your salary expectation?”. Yep, they asked… 

Don’t stress. This is your moment. In your response try giving the exact number you are looking to receive. This is your power anchor. Then let the negotiating begin…

In most cases, they will come back with a counteroffer – depending on the role, this is where you take into consideration your passion for the role/brand/job on offer and what you can bring to the table. 

It’s totally up to you whether you want to stay firm with your salary expectation or skim the price a little. But do take into consideration that sometimes staying firm on the price may limit your chances of success. This isn’t necessarily a reflection on your skills or character, it’s mostly a case of budget for the employer. 

Step Four: Utilise your negotiation power.

They’ve made the offer. You’ve got the power. The employer want to meet you in the middle of your salary range. 

The offer still not meeting your ideal salary? This is where you have the power to counteroffer if they have come short of your original starting salary requirements. If they haven’t got flexibility in salary, appeal for other benefits like extra holiday leave, bonuses, equity or you may even negotiate for a promotion opportunity down the track. 

You’ve got everything you need now to secure the salary you deserve. You only get one chance to start a job off at a value you are excited about, make the most of it! 

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