It's time to start celebrating your wins

It’s time to start celebrating your wins

It’s time to start celebrating your wins! I bet you’ve got a lot to celebrate. Big, or small. How often do we get bogged down in the negatives, or our ‘failures’? Stuck in this habit of punishing ourselves when things don’t work out, but ignoring all the good that we’re doing. We have so many ways to tell ourselves ‘I’ve done a bad job’, but very few ways of saying ‘I’ve done a great job’. 

Now I’m no psychologist, but BJ Fogg is the founder and director of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University who suggests that ‘Tiny Habits’ can create a big impact. Celebrating small wins can create positive habits.

In my own experience, the most positive roles I’ve held have been where celebration is encouraged. It didn’t need to come from big gestures either. It came from sharing your own wins with the team and actively calling out when someone else had achieved something. At one company my team had a slack channel called #wins, where we’d all add small stats and accomplishments that were often ignored by the rest of the business. 

In general, calling out our small wins made us feel like we were accomplishing something and that we were valued. It gave us a chance to celebrate ourselves & eachother. I know for me, I felt more engaged and suffered less of the dreaded imposter syndrome. We can very quickly forget to celebrate ourselves and wait for our workplace to lift us up. But I promise, if you make it a habit to get the celebrations going, your employer will catch on. 

Here’s a few ways to start celebrating your wins:

The internal fist-pump!

Who says you have to say it out loud? Take a second to acknowledge your wins internally. Acknowledgment is key, it doesn’t matter who else knows about it.

Tell somebody who cares.

A colleague, a friend, maybe your mum? Whoever makes you feel good. Positive vibes are contagious and a great way to keep the good feelings flowing is to share it with somebody who cares.

Show it physically. 

You know that internal fist-pump? You can show it externally too! Maybe it’s with a big smile or a boogie.

Once you’ve successfully implemented these few small habits to celebrate your big wins, you have officially rewarded yourself. Remember these small habits to create a ritual for whenever you need to celebrate those wins! *fist-pump*

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Amy McCarthy
Amy is an eCommerce Talent Specialist at eSuite. Having spent years working across eCommerce & digital marketing for brands like Knobby, Beginning Boutique and Jenny Craig. She brings a unique and 'lived' perspective when it comes to sourcing great eCommerce talent.

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