Lessons from the very first eCommerce Accelerator

Lessons from the very first eCommerce Accelerator

Well here it is, the very first eCommerce Accelerator has finished and we have 52 graduates who are ready to take their careers to the next level. 

Here are a few stats of what was involved… 

> 9 modules covering everything eCommerce including strategy, tech, marketing, analytics and supply chain

> 12 weeks of engagement which included lessons, study week diving into platforms like Shopify and Google Analytics and a big final pitch

> 18 hours of LIVE lessons which were (thankfully) broken up by great stories and insights from our students with different backgrounds 

> 22 cheat sheets to help students take the learnings with them and included audits, briefing forms, glossaries and more!

> 646 slides. God help me.  

> 648 weekly portfolio assignments marked over the 10 weeks including 54 final pitches

Of the 96 students who enrolled, 52 graduated. This included 14 STAR graduates and 7 award winners. You might see these popping up on LinkedIn!

And while we created this as a learning experience for those wanting to advance their eCommerce careers, WE learnt a lot along the way. I want to share some of these with you…

Teaching to think, not teaching everything. I started putting together the Accelerator in mid-2021. It’s fair to say that I got overwhelmed trying to put together the foundations of everything in eCommerce! But it became a lot easier after a conversation with one of our advisors, Dr Jason Pallant. He told me, “we want to teach students different ways to think about eCommerce, not teach them everything. There’s no way you’ll be able to cover everything. And even if you do, it will be out of date in six months.” Thanks, Dr J. 

We’re all time poor in eCommerce. Our course was made of retail professionals, individuals keen on eCommerce and recently graduated university students. The common link – we are all time poor. And I’m not going to lie, this course is purposely intense. It requires approximately four hours a week to complete well. In the end, it wasn’t who knew the most but who prioritised the learning that got the most out of the course. 

Retailers investing in their people. We know (better than most) how tough the eCommerce talent market is at the moment. What stood out to us were some of the retailers who were investing in their people – not only enrolling their teams but supporting them throughout the 12 weeks to get the most out of the opportunity. Myer, Preezie, RosesOnly, Expressway Studio, Beginning Boutique, Amart Furniture, Makeup Cartel. You should be applauded for giving your teams this opportunity and proud of how much they’ve made the most of it! 

eCommerce talent IS coming through. As part of the Accelerator, we are sponsoring 20 recently graduated (or soon to graduate) university students who are looking for their first eCommerce opportunity. In this intake we had nine sponsored students. And they were phenomenal. Of these nine, seven graduated and two were STAR graduates. An amazing achievement given that they are up against retail professionals. The future of eCommerce is very bright. 

Help all around. This has been a mammoth task to pull together the Accelerator but I am so lucky to have an amazing team to bring it to life. This includes Tab who helped onboard our sponsored students, Dani our design extraordinaire (646 slides!), Dr J our consultant and therapist, all our retail partners who contributed to Industry Voices, Shopify as our tech module partner, our employers, university friends and of course, the eSuite team who picked up the slack while I was in the Accelerator rabbit hole. Thank you! 

I’ll leave you here with a few quotes which make it all worthwhile… 

“Before joining the Accelerator I wasn’t entirely sure which eCommerce role would suit me best. This course helped me understand the different roles of eCommerce and their responsibilities, and now I am clear on the direction I want to pursue within the industry.” Student looking to kickstart their eCommerce career 

“The eCommerce Accelerator allowed me to refine my eCommerce skills and apply them in my current role. I was able to utilise every single bit of content I learnt in the course within my job!” Retail professional

“Practical, insightful and comprehensive.  If you want your team to be at the forefront of today’s eCommerce, this course is a must.” Employer

So that’s a wrap on 2022… half one! 2022 H2 intake opens soon and will commence on August 23 2022. 
If you want to know more or enrol, head on over to the eCommerce Accelerator and sign up to the waitlist. We can’t wait to do it all again!

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Nathan Bush
Nathan is a director at eSuite. He is an eCommerce strategist who has operated in the retail trenches as well as being a consultant and agency partner. Nathan has been named Top 50 People in eCommerce four years in a row and hosts the Add To Cart podcast.

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