Shedding a light on Extreme Energy Poverty

Shedding a light on Extreme Energy Poverty

If you’re an OG eSuite follower, you’ll know that we’re all about people and community. It’s just what we’re passionate about. 

That’s why we launched our Community Partner Series to highlight all the important work our Community Partners are doing. We can’t wait to share their impact stories with our eComm community to help raise awareness and inspire action. 

To kick things off, we sat down with Guy Fisher, Director of Partnerships at SolarBuddy. SolarBuddy are on a mission to gift six million solar lights to children living in extreme energy poverty by 2030… What a goal! 

This Aussie charity is all about spreading awareness of poor energy conditions through their educational and corporate programs where you can make solar lights and write letters to Buddy’s all over the world. 

Here’s three things I learned in my chat with Guy from SolarBuddy:

  1. Extreme Energy Poverty impacts four main pillars. 

One of the biggest obstacles we face is extreme energy poverty (if you have no idea what the f*** I’m on about, just watch the interview here), in fact there are 789 million people that live in total darkness every night. It’s a complex challenge that impacts these four main pillars – Education, Health, the Economy, and the Environment. 

  1. Education is key.

Most of us have had the privilege of power, that’s why not all of us are even aware of energy poverty. SolarBuddy is using education to shed light on energy poverty through programs where you can learn, make and illuminate!

  1. A gift that lasts a decade. 

Gifted solar lights last a decade, not just a day! Each SolarBuddy light donated to a child in need will:

  • Offset CO2 emissions
  • Impact the lives of 5 people living in extreme energy poverty
  • The financial equivalent of 16 weeks of work
  • Reduces kerosene expenditure by 80% per annum
  • Creates over 7,300 additional study hours 
  • Is the equivalent of planting 21.3 trees

Our very first episode with Guy Fisher from SolarBuddy is live now, watch it here. We hope we have inspired you to help make a difference! 

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