So you think it's time for a new gig?

So you think it’s time for a new gig?

No two eCommerce career paths are the same, I’ll tell you that for sure! I meet eCom professionals with all sorts of career backgrounds. Some started in marketing or sales, others come from a strong retail background and some are lucky enough to have been working in eCom from the start. I myself worked as a Visual Merchandiser for years while studying marketing at uni. Then I spent some time in digital marketing before finally landing my first eCommerce gig.

It’s pretty clear that there isn’t an exact process to getting where you want to be, and honestly, I’m all for it! 

So what the hell does that mean for you when it’s time for a new role? If the path isn’t clear, how can you decide what’s next? Take it from someone who zigzagged their way into an eCommerce career, it’s all about asking yourself the right questions.

3 Q’s to ask yourself when deciding what path to take next.


Take some time to think about the aspects of your current role that you really love. Ask yourself what tasks get you the most excited, is it trading a website and smashing targets, or are you a bigger fan of finding creative ways to acquire new customers? 

These will become your ‘must-haves’ for your next role.


Think about what’s missing from your current role. Perhaps it’s something’s missing within the role scope, maybe you’re looking for a strong mentor or growth opportunities. Or it might be as simple as wanting to work for a business that you’re really passionate about. Or a business that has more flexibility. 

Whatever it is, having a clear understanding on what’s missing from your current role will stop you making the mistake of taking a new role that doesn’t offer much more than your old one.


Now this is where it might get tricky! eCommerce careers are always evolving, so the role you have in 10 years might not even exist yet. But chances are you have an idea of where you’d like to be. Have a think about where you want to be in the next five to ten years and the skills you’ll need to get there. And if you don’t know, ask someone! Have a chat with professionals in the industry already living it, they’ll have great advice on what it takes to make it as…whatever it is you hope to be!

Once you have explored the possibilities of your endless career in eCom, it can help to shape what opportunities will serve you best to get there in the future. Having a clear vision of where you want to end up will align you with where you need to be.

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Amy McCarthy
Amy is an eCommerce Talent Specialist at eSuite. Having spent years working across eCommerce & digital marketing for brands like Knobby, Beginning Boutique and Jenny Craig. She brings a unique and 'lived' perspective when it comes to sourcing great eCommerce talent.
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