"The Good Stuff"- 3 focus areas for your eCommerce resume

“The Good Stuff”- 3 focus areas for your eCommerce resume

Recruiters read through hundreds of resumes each day. They’ve truly seen it all… but there are three main areas on a CV where they can begin to gauge if a job seeker is right for a role. 

Think of a resume as a sales advertisement, and you’re the product. The resume will get you the interview, but it’s up to you to close the sale – so make sure you don’t leave out the good stuff. 

So I asked our recruitment team what is the “good stuff” that they look for on a resume… I was also curious to know what their thoughts were of pictures on resumes, but I’ll open that can of worms at the end… 

Here are three key areas [A.K.A the good stuff] to focus on when preparing your CV for a fresh eCommerce opportunity: 

  1. Your Experience

Tell us all the deets. We want to know where you’ve been these last few years. Be sure to tell us who you’ve worked for, how long for, and most importantly a description of your role at that company. 

Be sure to go more in depth about your most recent experiences, to highlight what you have helped these companies to accomplish in your time there. 

  1. Technical Skills

Get nitty gritty about all the software you use on the daily. Tell us about the system platforms you are comfortable using – especially if you are after a more technical role. Also highlight the channels you have managed previously. Sometimes this isn’t always clear in your role summary. 

  1. About you and your achievements

We want to see what you have achieved. This may be a side project or initiative you work on after hours… Do you run a charity or a side hustle related to your craft? This will tell us a lot more about your personality and work ethic than you think! 

Tell us who you are, what’s important to you and what you want to achieve in your next eCommerce adventure. 

Your resume is your ad in selling your professional brand. When the time comes to find a new opportunity, be sure to really hound in and focus on these three main areas. 

Over your professional career, you should take some time to update your resume regularly to ensure you have as much current details of your experiences, skills and achievements. Maybe taking some time out each year to reflect and document while it’s still raw will be invaluable when it comes to updating your resume. Unsure of what to reflect on? Check out some reflection points here

Now back to the whole pic on resume thing… We know,  it’s a conflicting subject. That’s why we suggest that you do whatever you are most comfortable with. Pic or no pic. Don’t feel like having an image will be make or break when it comes to a successful CV. 

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