What small eCommerce habits make a big impact?

What small eCommerce habits make a big impact?

I just finished reading Atomic Habits – an Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. The basic premise is that little 1% changes add up to big results over the long term. Highly recommend.

And it got me thinking, what are the regular habits in eCommerce that pay off big time? Here are my top 5… 

  1. Mystery shop.  At least weekly, place an order for your online store, physical store, competitor’s store, or inspiration store. For less than $50 a week, you’re bound to find new opportunities regularly. 
  2. Talk to customers. It’s easy to get caught up in website designs and analytics reports but making time to talk (yes, actually talk) with your customers. Calling your top 2-3 weekly customers is a good starting point. 
  3. Schedule networking. No one has time for it but book that conference at the start of the year and schedule in at least 15 minutes a week for LinkedIn. You will be amazed at the opportunities that flow from new interactions.
  4. Ignore email. I’ve gotten into the habit of only checking it twice per day. It’s got to be quick enough to action straight away or important enough to create a task. There’s no other option. The same goes for Slack, Trello etc.
  5. Know your numbers. Take the time to stay on top of 3-5 key numbers that dictate the health of your business. Get them sent to you daily. If they are off, investigate why. 

These little efforts add up to big results for me. I’d love to know yours.

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Nathan Bush
Nathan is a director at eSuite. He is an eCommerce strategist who has operated in the retail trenches as well as being a consultant and agency partner. Nathan has been named Top 50 People in eCommerce four years in a row and hosts the Add To Cart podcast.
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