What tax expenses can you claim in eCommerce?

What tax expenses can you claim in eCommerce?

It’s tax time! Yippy-freakin-do. But before you rush through it to tick off another item on your list, we wanted to give you a quick checklist to make sure you are getting the deduction you are entitled to. 

Given the shift to remote work – especially in these lockdown times šŸ˜­ – this year might be a bit different. Some specific eCommerce deductions can include: 

  • Working from home expenses. Includes internet, telephone, utilities and anything you need to do your job from home. Alcohol and Doritos do not qualify, unfortunately. 
  • Self-education. Could include monthly subscriptions to publications like Inside Retail, online upskilling courses fees or any of the books like this great list
  • Work tools including laptops, phones, desks, chairs. If you went all out to set up your home office, this is the time to take note. I can’t confirm whether this Shopify Counter qualifies.
  • Transport costs. Unfortunately, no Las Vegas trips to claim this year. But emergency last-minute deliveries to customers, mercy dashes for stock or racing around town for meetings. Claim them.
  • Clothing expenses. Uniforms or protective gear – high vis workwear for warehouse visits, sunglasses or branded company shirts. And no, sorry, Patagonia sweaters and Allbirds runners aren’t an eCommerce uniform.

As always, there are plenty of details and qualifiers that you can find on the ATO site. Go get those dollars. 

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Nathan Bush
Nathan is a director at eSuite. He is an eCommerce strategist who has operated in the retail trenches as well as being a consultant and agency partner. Nathan has been named Top 50 People in eCommerce four years in a row and hosts the Add To Cart podcast.
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